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How World Number 2 compares to social networks and search engines

A different way to view our world, on the web.

If you are driving or walking around or even surfing online maps, you will notice that amidst of all the useful and interesting scenery, there is quite a bit of idle content. Maybe you will find an old shack that has been abandoned, or maybe there is an empty and closed off parking lot that nobody has visited in years. The internet has a similar theme. There are so many websites, blogs, and pages, yet most of them are not active. Imagine how many links there are that essentially lead to nowhere. That does not exactly provide the best experience.

Because we create a custom environment, we add all companies and people individually and make sure they are all real and active. In World Number 2, we try to utilize all space efficiently by putting something useful on a map, whether it be a house, a shop, a VR location, or a company. As World Number 2 expands, we strive to maintain a lively ambiance, by making sure that every item on the map leads somewhere.

Imagine all your favorite places that you like to visit in real life are all on the same street. That would be interesting and very convenient. Now imagine open real estate next door to that area where you can move in along with your friends. You can always be next to your favorite shops and spots. That is even better. How about meeting new people from all around the world who end up as your digital neighbors. Because the digital maps have no geographical limitations, anyone can buy a digital house and make friends with anyone else in the world. That is where we are heading now. Stay tuned as we discuss more topics about World Number 2 and its various aspects and nuances.

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