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Are there social network alternatives on the internet?

World Number 2 is a completely different way to look at social networking

There are many great social networks that connect people all over the world. You can find your friends, family, and most likely anyone you meet these days on a few of these social sites. You can look someone up with ease and find them in mere minutes if not seconds. Wherever there is internet, there is usually the utilization of social networking. The world is at your fingertips, but how well do you really know anyone else besides people that are closest to you and are already your friends and family? How nice it would be to know that all your online friends could potentially be real friends and not spam?

World Number 2 provides a slightly different approach to connectivity. Imagine that the people you are most likely to connect with are people the closest to you digitally and not physically. No, this does not imply that you can potentially chat with others in a real geographical radius. Digital map proximity is key here in the virtual world! This provides you with the opportunity to really get to know new people that are your digital neighbors. Because you can buy digital property here, so can other people. Then you can branch out steadily to meet more people down the street or maybe even in a new city. This approach breeds a unique environment which partially mimics the real world because now you can be friends with all your next-door neighbors. The most interesting aspect is that the people next to you, could be physically located thousands of miles away. This could be a more organic and true way to cultivate friendships, rather than having instant access to hundreds and thousands of people at the press of a button. Check out the FAQ below to find some more information about how all this works.



A different type of social network