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Settling our next frontier, space and the moon

Humanity is using technology to expand the residential footprint

The time is now! We must finally take the expansion of our residential footprint to an interplanetary level. With so much new technology, with so many people on the same page, and so many private companies working towards the same goal, it is time for humanity to continue construction into space. Our closest neighbor is, of course, the moon. We have been there before, but now it is time to stay there by establishing a permanent and functional base. The moon will be the gateway towards going to Mars, and other planets in the distant future. Humanity will become a multi planetary species. This will allow us to be more advanced, gather more resources, and work towards a greater existence.

In World Number 2 in the city of Starlight, there is a space port. It now has one destination, the moon! The base is called Nexus and has a space port for travel to and from Starlight! The basic infrastructure is being built and the layout of how the moon base/city is going to look is being worked out right now. There are already solar panels there along with a water purification facility. Eventually there will be residential areas, commercial lots, and of course plenty of exploration. Internet connection will eventually be readily available on the moon surface. Real estate on the moon will become a crazy new industry, although the prices might be a bit high.

Nexus - The first moon city


Humanity is using technology to expand the residential footprint