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The powerful digital resource for the small business

A unique way to help small businesses increase their online presence

A small business or company makes a new product. Unless the company has a line out the door out of their physical shop or a well-established brand, sales probably will not go sky high. Many customers shop online today. This is great for consumers for many obvious reasons: convenience, prices, shipping, safety, etc. So then why would it be difficult for a small business to thrive online if there are so many success stories? There are many reasons for this, but some include: market saturation and competition, low visibility, and lack of social presence. Many small companies and shops are connected, but do you see them? The shops maybe warm and inviting but does their social media accounts do the same? The product may be amazing but have a bad description and SEO, does a search find it? How often do you wander past the first search engine results page? Nobody really surfs the internet anymore anyways, at least not in the same way.

Ever since the advent of the internet, we have been moving almost all aspects of life to the digital environment. This is a great thing, although some growing pains have been part of the process. World Number 2 wants to solve that problem in a creative way. We want you to look at finding small businesses differently online.

Imagine a map with so many small shops, boutiques, and small businesses from all over the world. Instead of showing all the places in between that have no real value for you, you see only useful items. This is World Number 2. The cities and streets are fictional, but the companies and the people are very real. The big bonus is that you can purchase land next door if it is available. This gives shoppers and consumers alike, a new environment to coexist in. The people next door today, can be your best customers tomorrow. Scattered about, you will also find unique landmarks that help add beauty and uniqueness to the cities. Each one has a different theme, so everyone can naturally gravitate towards certain interests. As the community grows, so does the visibility of the great companies.

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