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What makes the cities unique in World Number 2?

Cities by themes

World Number 2 so far has a unique blend of small cities located in the region of the Woodlands. These cities are all connected bystreets, roads, highways, railways, airports, helicopters, and sometimes tunnels and ports. As the first region on the internet, the Woodlands has 30 cities. They are unique because each city has its own individual theme. You will find towns built around Virtual Reality, pets, farming, hobbies, food, technology, space, and many others. There seems to be something for everyone here, and as more other cities outside of the region begin to appear, there more themes there will be. This cultivates a rather unique environment and a different kind of dynamic.

When an individual looks around the cities to purchase their residential property, the first thing they usually look at is the city theme. Maybe it is an interest that they have, or maybe it is something they believe in, or just maybe that is their chose career path, and they would like to settle into a similar theme. Because of how small the cities are, this gives people just enough space to call it home, but also close enough to other neighboring cities and people with different interests. It is just like joining a group because of shared interests, but always being able to walk next door and check out other people with completely different interests.

A good thing to do would be to check out the projects page that is linked below. It gives a short description of each city and its theme. This way you can really find that unique place that is all about you. You just might find some neighbors there with similar interests. You never know who you could meet.

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Cities by themes