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Is there a way to browse the internet without spam?

World Number 2 works to create an environment without spam

As wonderful as the internet is, there is always the serious issue of spam. There has always been since day one. Even though there may be robust systems in place for many websites and services, there are still so many fake accounts of people and illegitimate companies waiting to make your day difficult, annoy you, or steal your data and personal information. It would be nice to explore the internet or social media without worrying about who is real and who is not. This is one area where we try to do things differently.

In World Number 2 we make sure to verify that each person is real and that a company is legitimate, by hand. Sure, there is always great technology to do this automatically, but plenty still fall through the cracks. Limiting fake account can enhance the experience for others, so we strive to make this number as close to 0 as possible. There are many subtle and not so subtle items to check before adding a company or a person to our maps. They are all easily available online. As more people around the globe turn to social media, personal websites, and maintaining an internet presence, keeping a positive cyber representation starts to move to the front of the line. First impressions are everything and making a good one online has become ever so important.

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