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We only get one planet, let us take nature into account

Let us make sure that we live in harmony with nature

Trees take in carbon dioxide and give back oxygen. They are not only beautiful but an essential source of life for all of us. Deforestation seems to be a big problem around the world. The important thing to remember is that if you do remove forests and displace other nature to build residences and industry, there should be a reseeding of a similar size footprint that was removed. This will ensure that we are not destroying endless without rebuilding. Nature gives us everything from the very beginning, it would be a good idea to give back and make sure that it is protected. When we incorporate more nature into our cities, this provides a much cleaner and healthier atmosphere. It also helps beautify the cities in the most natural way.

In World Number 2, we strive to always integrate as much greenery as we can, while keeping a delicate balance between nature and residences and industry. There should never be a shortage of forests in the more remote cities just as there should never be a shortage of parks within industrial sectors. World Number 2 has a town dedicated to environmentalism called Earthia. There are no houses, just old containers that have been converted into homes. This way, they are not buried without a cause. Our environment is all we have, let us keep taking care of it, even in our virtual internet world.

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