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Renewable energy is the challenge of a lifetime for everyone

Our World, Our Environment, Our home

We do not exactly have unlimited copies of the World to use, we only get one. We must take care of it, just like your own place of dwelling. It would be wise to strike a balance between industry and nature. Nature provides everything for us, so we should take care of it and try to live in harmony. As our modern world develops and expands, our constant need for more energy also grows. Ideally energy sources should be environmentally friendly and clean. Why not utilize resources that are always in abundance on our planet and are always readily available? As we progress into development of sustainable power, we will find that unique balance with nature. Our existence just might depend on it.

In World Number 2, you will find that there are only clean and renewable energy sources in all the cities. The important thing to note though, is that there is no reliance on one only, and that all of them work in conjunction with each other. Because of this, and output of uninterrupted flow of energy is achieved. Even though solar energy can be stored, long periods without constant sunshine are not always ideal, and do not produce electricity. During hot and sunny days, you will have plenty of solar output, but wind conditions might not be the best. Windmills will not be able to turn. Of course, during the colder times both solar and wind are not operating at their peak. nuclear and hydro power will be there to save the day. They will be constantly running from flowing water or nuclear sources, but not be overtaxed when there is plenty of sunshine and wind. This provides a nice and clean balance of energy sources and no over dependence on only one type. This will be a nice big step towards securing the health of our environment.


Our World, Our Environment, Our home