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Virtual reality is the new technological revolution

Virtual reality is making inroads into all aspects of our lives

The virtual and augmented reality revolution has begun. VR is not only here to stay, but it is also here to evolve and stretch its tentacles into our modern world. In the not-too-distant future, the internet will resemble more of a dynamic map with a myriad of 3D and virtual experiences. This blend will allow for greater exploration, while providing rich and powerful content to be packed into smaller unique environments. This ideal mixture will push users to use locomotion and the audio, video, and text that have come to be expected. No more plain web pages, and no simple blogs and chats will be enough to the users. The ultimate experience will immerse you into the world, with a good combination of 2D and 3D.

If you look around World Number 2, you will find several locations that you can enter and explore virtually. Majority of the content is located on a 2D map, with 3D spaces integrated inside. This strikes a good balance between the two. This also allows users in World Number 2 to explore a traditional map with companies and other people, and occasionally visit a virtual reality location. This maintains a good way to see online resources such as companies and websites, but still maintains a safe distance from 3D overexposure. Users can also contribute by building VR environments for various landmarks found on the maps, or even custom interiors for their residential lots. This will steadily grow and slowly evolve into a unique 2D/3D virtual world. This will ensure a constant growth of unique spaces, instead of and overgrowth of endless empty building interiors.

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Virtual Reality